Preserved hydrangea - 1 head - Ivory

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Colour: ivory

Packaging: 1 head

Diameter: 12-15 cm

Height: approx. 15 cm

Stabilization technique: Absorption

Reference: 2-EL-HOR

With the Stabilised hydrangea Ivory Flowers Adornment, you will get the lovely mix of flavour and natural elegance.

Buy Stabilised hydrangea Ivory online at The flower arrangement of stabilised ivory hydrangea flowers with a diameter of 15 cm is ideal for corner vases you want to highlight, as it will draw not only the symphony of colour it has, but also the fresh fragrance that will trigger the imagination, elicited by the gentle aroma that emanates from hydrangeas. A stunning visual effect determined by the hydrangeas' strong, swirling shapes actually makes this fashion piece a true eye-catcher.

Product Description

This beautiful flower head is made from stabilised ivory hydrangea real flowers. They do not change their color and don’t go brown with the time. They last longer than freshly cut flowers, approximately for 2-10 years. They are not at all artificial. All are handmade precisely of same sizes. Sizes may vary slightly in some cases.

Directions on care: 

Keep away from the high humidity and intense sunshine. Stop getting crushed, squeezed or folded. Do not irrigate or put the substance in water. The flower does not require water. The flower may stain and is not edible. The flower would last for years if you follow the directions.

Without fading, the stabilised flowers will regain their shape and versatility. However, they always maintain their natural delicacy. 

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