The dried flowers

Dried flowers – Making a comeback!

Long forgotten and regarded as bourgeois, dried flowers are now back and on the rise and fast becoming a must have in today's decorations. They can be found in delicate pastel colours for a gentle and romantic setting, or in cheerful colours. Though the style has reinvented itself, the production methods are unchanged. The natural and traditional drying technique for bouquets, hanging upside down in a dark, dry room, is still used today.

After drying, some flowers are dyed in an environmentally friendly way, not only to extend the colour range but also to prolong the life of the flowers.

Our entire range of dried flowers are sourced in Europe as we prefer short delivery routes to minimise environmental impact, and choose our suppliers for their know-how. All our flowers from the Netherlands are cut but the stem in the field every summer by hand, with a knife or sickle.

Advantages of dried flowers

Unlike fresh flowers, which wilt quickly, dried flowers are organic and remain unchanged for 2 - 3 years. Thanks to this process, you can have flowers in the house all year round, without any effort such as watering, re-cutting as dried flowers do not need any special care, so you can go on holiday or on a business trip without worry!

Another advantage is that no special lighting conditions are necessary, you can put your dried flowers in a dark or windowless room, without their appearance suffering.

How can you follow this trend of dried flowers?

Dried flowers suit many interiors, from modern to vintage, from chic and noble to scandi style, from eclectic touch to minimalist. With their light and airy appearance, they fit into any room or style.

To decorate your rooms in a simple and natural way, simply choose bundled flowers or cereals and grasses from our assortment and hang them on the wall or put them in a pretty vase. These bundles can also be a basis for your own compositions.Do you prefer finished arrangements? In our studio we have designed a whole range of creations with dry or stabilized flowers, bohemian style flower boxes, floral wreaths or rustic garlands to liven up your interior. Come check them out!

Dried flowers are quickly becoming popular for all environments, from home and office to restaurants and studios. Inexpensive and aesthetic, many boutiques, restaurants, hotels and companies are choosing to decorate their premises with dried flowers. Give your workplace a natural touch, and offer your customers a calming atmosphere and increase the well-being of your employees.

Dried flowers are also ideal for decorating any event, from business like fairs, inaugurations, seminars, market launches to private occasions such as weddings or birthdays. With our assortment you can create a very individual and personal scenography for every project. If you want to expand decoration for your events, we can also offer a range of creations with dry and stabilized flowers from our studio, such as romantic jewellery, bohemian accessories and table decoration. Don't wait any longer and check thenout!