The stabilised flowers and foliage

Stabilised plants, innovative and timeless products

You probably know fresh, dried or artificial flowers but have you ever heard of stabilised plants?

These are natural flowers whose freshness and beauty are frozen in time by a completely organic and biodegradable stabilisation process.

Many types of flowers and foliage can be protected in this way, for example roses, hydrangeas, eucalyptus or ferns. Each plant species has its own, unique stabilisation process.

For the conservation of flowers the preferred technique is stabilisation by double immersion. It consists of dehumidifying fresh flowers by first immersing them in pure alcohol for 24 hours and then rehydrating then immersing them in a solution of alcohol, vegetable glycerine, propylene glycol and food colouring.

This stabilising liquid replaces the sap, so the flowers keep their natural appearance, shape and elasticity for many years.

For the preservation of foliage, the method of stabilisation by absorption is typically used. The ends of the stems of freshly cut plants are dipped in a few centimetres of solution made up of plant glycerine, water, nutrients and food colouring. After several days of immersion, the foliage is dried. Plants stabilised in this way will retain their natural beauty, elasticity and do not need any care*.

Stabilised flowers and stabilised leaves: products with many advantages

Stabilised flowers and stabilised leaves are natural and environmentally friendly products. With their bright colours and natural appearance, they are beautiful, non-toxic, biodegradable and easy to process. They feel natural and are smooth to the touch. They are easy to care for and do not need to be watered, cut or re-potted. They do not require special lighting conditions and can be used in dimly lit rooms without losing their leaves or petals.

Choosing stabilised plants is a great way to act and consume in a sustainable and environmentally conscious way.

These plants are not only sustainable but also a profitable investment as they have a life of several years.

Thanks to their longevity, you can create your projects long in advance, and sell them without risk of loss on the product.

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Overview of the main applications for stabilised flowers and foliage

Preserved plants can be the highlight of your interior design projects. In our offer you will find stabilised flowers and stabilised foliage in a variety of bright colours, which you can hang for a simple and natural decoration or arrange in a vase. You can also let your imagination run wild and compose your own arrangements. On our website we also offer ready-made creations, discover our poetic bouquets, our delicate and timeless arrangements like flower boxes or idyllic decorations like floral wreaths and garlands for a country style interior.

Stabilized plants are also suitable as floral projects for restaurants, hotels, trade, studios and offices. While your workplace is given a plant-based, natural and sustainable touch, your customers can experience a relaxed atmosphere and your employees feel more comfortable. .

Stabilised flowers and foliage are ideal for events, with our products you can create a personalised scenography for important occasions like weddings, hen parties or birthdays. We also offer a range of romantic jewellery, bohemian style accessories and green decorative items based on preserved flowers and foliage.

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*At low temperatures and high humidity, the preserved plants may release a few drops of stabilising liquid.The stabilising liquid consists of vegetable glycerine and food colouring and is non-toxic.
To prevent colour transfer, we recommend not to place the preserved plants in contact with porous materials.