The stabilised moss and lichen

Stabilised moss: an innovative and timeless product

Stabilised moss is a revolutionary product, have you heard about it?

There are natural mosses, that are fresh and smooth to the touch, through a fully organic and natural stabilisation process.

Many mosses can be protected today, for example: rag moss, ball moss, and lichen. Each and every plant is stabilised through it’s on specialised process.

The most common techniques to conserve moss are immersion or pulverisation. During the immersion process, the dried moss is rehydrated through immersion in a stabilising solution from plant-based glycerine, water and food colouring, or in the case of the lichen , a salt-based solution. The pulverisation technique is a variant of the first, where the stabilisation solution is sprayed over the dried moss. Stabilised mosses are soft, smooth and colours can be customised to your needs

Stabilised moss: a product with many advantages

Stabilised moss is a natural plant, that is environmentally friendly and is produced in harmony with the plants natural breeding cycle. Iceland moss is produced once an year in the scandinavian forests and harvested using only sustainable methods to protect the ecosystem. With it’s bright colours and natural attributes stabilised mosses are beautiful, non-toxic and also able to be disposed of hamlessly. They are natural to the touch, elastic and easy to work with for shaping and moulding into your own creations. Some of the mosses in our range are able to change their texure based on the the humidity in the room. Under 40% humidity is the moss more solid and over it becomes more smooth. During this change the plant is not damaged in any way, it is just a natural process.

Our mosses are easy to care for and need no pruning or even watering! There are also no special lighting needs, as the moss can also thrive in rooms with low light.

Through it’s texture, form and density moss is also great at reducing noise and echos.

All our lichens are stabilised in a salty solution, so that they are non-flammable and also insect repellent!

Stabilised mosss are long lasting product, that can last between 5 and 10 years and as such, it becomes and even more environmentally conscious product.

Due to the long lasting nature of the produc, mosses are also a very profitable investment. If you are good with your hands, you can also create your own projects without risk.

Come and discover our range of colourful preserved mosses and lichens!

Overview of the possibilities of stabilised moss

Mosses are ideal for all interiors. They can be a basis for floral arrangements, or to build terrariums, they will add beauty to anything! They are also useful, for DIY projects to make your own decorations such as moss wreaths and moss balls which can look amazing in a transparent vase. You can also create plant-based framed pictures decorated with stabilised leaves and flowers, limited only by your own vision!

If you’re a handyman, contractor or designer you can easily create your own greenwalls, plant-based panels or columns for home, hotels, restaurents, events or companies to give them a fresh touch and reduce noises and echos.

Further, with stabilised mosses you can create your company logo or design beautiful shop windows, the possibilities are endless!

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