Preserved ruscus - 5 stems - White

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Colour: white

Packaging: bunch with 5 stems

Height: approx. 70 cm

Stabilization technique: Absorption

Reference: 2-WE-RSC

Preserved Ruscus Online

Try adding a bunch of beautifully preserved and dried Ruscus to your bedroom to enjoy the ultimate romantic ambience. You can either use them alone or as filler in any kind of dried flower arrangement. Dried and wild flowers are highly in trend nowadays and used for beautifying our homes, offices and halls for organising events.

At Si-nature, we bring you some of the long-lasting Dried Ruscus at an amazing price. On our website you will find the dried Ruscus collection under the category of Preserved Foliage and Moss. We have only a single item under this segment that includes a bouquet containing 5 stems of light pink stabilised Ruscus. We preserve it using the stabilization technique.

A classic Dried Ruscus adds a soft and dainty touch to any serene arrangement. Their small leaves can create an ideal backdrop and help you focus more on the flowers than these abundant fillers. You can try pairing these with hydrangeas or broom bloom to get a neutral-toned bouquet or with some dried greens for an ultimate rustic feel. These plants are very easy to take care of and need no watering, cutting or repotting.

To ensure that this dried Ruscus last for long it is recommended that you handle them carefully and do not place them in front of direct sunlight or under the air conditioning system. Also avoid placing in rooms with a temperature below 12°C and humidity over 80%.