It is time to enjoy the timeless beauty of preserved flowers! Because these exquisite arrangements are the ultimate epitome of freshness and elegance. Preserved flowers are in great demand these days and are the perfect gift for any occasion.

Preserved flowers wholesale at the best prices at Si-nature

at Si-nature, Your wholesale online shop under the leadership of Elodie and Olivier, you will find a selection of breathtaking preserved flowers, flower arrangements such as rose boxes, wedding bouquets, corsages, table arrangements and wreaths that are sure to impress you. We also offer our customers an excellent price-performance ratio, as we are in direct contact with our producers. We would also like to accommodate you with larger quantities. If you buy more than 5 items, we will give you a discount of 10% and even up to 20% for bookings of more than 30 items. In addition, customers from abroad can order our products without additional VAT.

The well-being of our customers as well as that of the environment is very important to us. That is why we trade in natural leaves and flowers that are treated with non-toxic, environmentally friendly and non-carcinogenic substances. This approach preserves the freshness and tenderness of the flowers and ensures that they are preserved for a period of several months to years.

Some of our many mesmerizing and refreshing floral collections include 6 red preserved roses, 3 stems of white preserved ixodia, a white preserved hydrangea, a bouquet of white preserved rice blossoms, a bouquet of light pink preserved gypsophila, a bouquet of green preserved amaranth and a white preserved rose head. These preserved flowers are not only ideal for furnishing your home, but also look particularly stylish in a larger setting.