Preserved foliage, reindeer moss and lichen are 100% natural plants. Our preserved foliage is an innovative product - for many reasons. The production of preserved foliage is based on an innovative and environmentally friendly process that preserves the natural brilliance of the plants for years. At the same time, it retains its freshness and is also extremely easy to maintain as it does not require water.

Preserved Foliage, preserved reindeer and lichen on Si-nature at the best wholesale price

At Si-nature, we offer our preserved reindeer moss, lichen and foliage in our online shop throughout Germany and Europe, which is also widely used by interior designers and architects, florists and professionals for creating green walls. Thanks to their durability and versatility, preserved plants, mosses and lichens are suitable for all kinds of decorative ideas, such as moss boards and green walls. They are also suitable for small-scale projects such as the creation of a small moss frame or a lichen logo for a company.

Among the many preserved foliage and mosses available online are green ball moss, preserved umbrella ferns, a 5 kg box of Islandmoos in spring green, a few stems of green preserved eagle fern, a 150 g bunch of preserved green ivy and 2.5 kg of green preserved flat moss. While lichen and moss are preserved using the immersion technique, ivy is preserved using the absorption technique.

We position ourselves as a reliable supplier of environmentally friendly quality products at very competitive wholesale prices. We achieve this by being in direct contact with our producers, avoiding middlemen. This way we can offer low prices. Visit our website and choose from our range of preserved foliage, natural mosses and preserved lichens for your project. Our competent team can also advise you.