Preserved gypsophila - 1 bunch - Light pink

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Colour: light pink

Packaging: bouquet approx. 100 g

Height: approx. 65 cm

Stabilization technique: Absorption

Reference: 4-HRS-GYP

Gypsophila reflects pleasure and matches flowers or floral compositions for happier times of life such as birth, baptism, and wedding.

Product Description: 

Buy Stabilised gypsophila Light pink online at Better known as the Gypsophila, the flower we often call Baby's Breath. The Baby's Breath flower is regarded to certain persons as the flower of innocence. 

You can make really good flower crowns with the light pink tinted gypsophila that will give every ceremony a heavenly impact. Use the light pink gypsophila flowers to decorate the wedding seats. With a gorgeous bow, you can pin these beauties to the seats. In marriage floristry and events, in ads & for product packaging, it is very widespread.

To give exactly the right touch to every floral arrangement, the wonderfully delicate arrangement of tiny flowers has been bleached to a mesmerising light pink. The pink colour is a symbol of gratitude and perfect pleasure and colors have a neurological effect as well. The colour pink also elicits experiences of beauty, warmth, womanhood, intimacy, and desire for many.

Directions on care:

To sustain your dried flowers remaining good, it is best not to have them soaked and to keep them out of strong sunlight, which will eventually lose their beauty. Treat the flowers delicately, since they can be brittle. When well looked after, your dried flowers will last for months to years. 

We know you'll enjoy the pretty pink look they bring to your arrangements. Order some Stabilised gypsophila Light pink today at Si-nature!